Monday, April 27, 2009

Gardening 101

I've recently started getting my gardens ready and am learning new things as I go. I not only wanted to have a vegetable garden and a flower garden, but I also wanted to plant some floral bushes...I love Lilacs so I have planted a couple of those, but I also wanted some 'theme' off to do my research...

I love Butterflies, so I found information on what plants attract butterflies and just in case you want to attract some butterflies, I wanted to share my list of plants with you...

Here are the top 10 plants that will attract butterflies to your garden:
  1. Butterfly Bush (this is the best butterfly attracting plant you can get)
  2. Butterfly Weed
  3. Coreopsis
  4. Hollyhock
  5. Loosestrife
  6. New England Asters
  7. Phlox
  8. Purple Coneflower
  9. Verbena
  10. Yarrow
Something else you can do to attract butterflies is to put a butterfly house in your garden. Mount it on a nearby tree or post.

Take a terra cotta dish and fill it with brown gravel and place it near your flowers. Male butterflies love to primp on rocks and gravel...

Click here to learn a little more about how to get butterflies to your garden

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Bish Denham said...

Oh, nice post Brenda. Who doesn't love butterflies?