Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crafting 101

This little craft is to help the birds in your neighborhood have a nice place to live.

A Homemade Birdhouse

What you will need:

1 coffee can with a snap on lid
1 large nail
ribbon (long enough to wrap around the can)
twigs the same length as your coffee can with one a little longer
rope or twine

What you need to do:

Cut about a 2 inch hole in the plastic coffee can lid close to one edge. (the size of the hole depends on the size of the coffee can and the size of the bird you are trying to house - the bigger the can, the bigger the hole - the bigger the bird)...Put the lid on the coffee can. Hot glue the twigs side-by-side and close together to the ribbon. Hot glue the ribbon around the coffee can...making sure the longer twig is next to the hole in the lid. Wrap the twine around the can a couple of times, so that it helps hold the twigs in place. Make the twine long enough so that you can hang it from a tree. Make sure you hand the 'nest' so that the longer piece of twig is on the bottom so that the bird has a perch to stand on when they are checking out their new home. Don't worry about putting anything on the inside, the birds will fill it up for their nest.

And don't forget the frogs/ heard me...the toads will eat mosquitoes, slugs and other bugs. Why is this important, because they can keep the bugs away from your plants.

What you need:

1 or 2 Daylily plant(s)
1 (6 inch) clay pot

What you need to do:

Find a nice spot close to your garden and dig a small hole deep enough to plant the daylily plant(s) and the clay pot. Bury the clay pot on its side with a little more than half of the clay pot showing. Plant the daylily (one on each side if you got two) close to the opening (don't block the opening). Get a toad and show him his new home...

Have fun...

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