Monday, March 23, 2009

Gardening 101

I decided to teach some children on my complex about gardening, so I went to the library and found some gardening books, so that I could learn all that I could from a child's level...and I found this wonderful little book: Junior Garden Book

Did you know that the word Garden means "A guarded area" (a private place). I thought about this for a moment and if you think about it, most people who have flower gardens, do have areas that are off to itself, where they can sit and relax and enjoy some privacy...Gardeners are always wanting their gardens to look special and that is what I hope for these young people on my property.

So my first job was to figure out a way to make their garden 'special' and I found a neat little idea in this book...and the best thing is...I even got to teach them a little recycling.

Here's what you need:

2-litter plastic soda pop bottles (about 3 for every 1 foot of flower bed)
Garden hose (for watering)
Shovel (for digging)
Gloves (for keeping your hands clean)
Potting soil or compost
Store brand (Kool-aid) drink mix in whatever flavor (colors) you want
Flower/vegetable plants

So how does your garden grow:
  1. Figure out how big you want your garden, so you will know how many bottles you need (you can ask friends and family to save their bottles, so you don't have to drink ALL that soda all by yourself)
  2. Using the shovel, you will want to dig a ditch 4 inches deep and wide enough that the bottles will set in your ditch. Make sure you put the dirt from the ditches to the inside of your garden. You don't want to move that dirt twice!
  3. Put some of the drink mix inside each bottle and fill with water. Make as many colors as you want and then put the bottles inside the ditch in whatever color order you want.
  4. Add some potting soil or compost to the dirt on the inside of your garden (where you tossed the dirt from your ditches).
  5. Using the shovel, mix the potting soil and dirt together (if you really want to have fun, get in there and mix the potting soil and dirt with your hands - ask your parents first to make sure this is okay with them)
  6. Plant your seeds and/or plants and then water them. You will want to give them a good soaking (but don't drown them)
  7. Enjoy your flowers and/or plants
So what do you think? Pretty neat little idea...I would love to hear your ideas on raised gardens and/or container gardening...

Here's hoping your guarded area gives you the joy and privacy you want...


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